[online] One-to-one daily coaching

There is a common belief that “we don’t practice theater alone”. I don’t agree. I actually think that if we are strong and confident enough to practice alone, we become a better partner on stage, and in life. With The Joyful School, I offer a short and daily practice to build a strong and creative routine.

If you have an internet connection and you can dedicated 15 minutes of your day, you’ve already won the game. Basically, you and I will meet online for 15 minutes, 5 days a week. During these sessions we’re going to practice together. I’ll eventually introduce to you The Four Articulations, a method developed by the clown and acrobat Dr Ira Seidenstein. The Four Articulations (space, time, body, space-time continuum) are a sequence of movements to warm up your mind-body connection, and an ensemble of physical theater exercises to awaken your creativity. I’ll combine this training with some other practices such improvisation theater, acting exercises, and music.

I’m helping you to build this routine, hoping that one day you won’t need me anymore!

YES! They’re private sessions, just you and me!

YES! Just 15 minutes a day. We want to build a habit, we don’t want to burn out!

Sometimes, I organise group sessions online with all the students from the School, and we even sometimes have guest teachers. It’s the perfect moment to meet your schoolmates. You’ll have a chance to see other people doing the same exercises that you do, and get inspired by their interpretation.

Oh, and I’m French. So It will be either in French, or in English with a French accent.

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