Craig Townsend – Ballarat, Australia

I have always felt an awkwardness with my physicality and movement and my recent diagnosis on the autism spectrum helped to explain these challenges. I had a desire to explore how drama classes could possibly allow me to be more comfortable in my body, improve my social skills and have the freedom to learn how to use movement to express comedy with imagination. Teacher Pauline Calmé delivers non-judgemental teaching, guidance and encouragement which has given me the confidence to explore this new medium.

My first experience undertaking improv classes at The Joyful School was during a 4-part series of weekend workshops in Melbourne. Pauline managed to expertly bring together people from various backgrounds – from the novice to the more experienced, and work with the participants in a way that seamlessly blended each person’s strengths and temperament. The Joyful School is exactly as the name suggests – Pauline’s engaging delivery of each concept and idea was scaffolded in a way that was achievable, and her exuberant and encouraging manner meant that once Covid 19 rendered face-to-face classes obsolete, I was fortune enough to secure daily improv exercises and lessons online. Pauline is highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field and having seen her brilliant solo show at the Butterfly Club, it was apparent that my improv teacher is highly attuned in her craft. It was perfectly sensational!  

Craig Townsend – Ballarat, Australia

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