About The School

Not the school you expect,

but the school you need.

What is The Joyful School about?

Hi, my name is Pauline. I created The Joyful School to teach what I love, the way I love to teach it. I’m passionate about the connection between physical theater, creativity, and self-development. I love developing my body awareness and using it as a source of inspiration for my creative writing and performing. With The Joyful School, I want to help you develop your acting skills, your body awareness, and your creativity through improvisation and physical theater training. Most of all, I want to help you believe in what you do, reinforce your self-confidence, and feel strong enough to share your creations with the world. In the end, if I do my job well, you won’t need my help anymore…

Show up for yourself, and…

Become your own best teacher!

How does it work?

There is a common belief that « we don’t practice theater alone ». I don’t agree. I actually think that if we are strong and confident enough to practice alone, we become a better partner on stage, and in life. With The Joyful School, I offer a short and daily practice to build a strong and creative routine.

If you have an internet connection and you can dedicated 15 minutes of your day, you’ve already won the game. Basically, you and I will meet online for 15 minutes, 5 days a week. During these sessions we’re going to practice together. I’ll eventually introduce to you The Four Articulations, a method developed by the clown and acrobat Dr Ira Seidenstein. The Four Articulations (space, time, body, space-time continuum) are a sequence of movements to warm up your mind-body connection, and an ensemble of physical theater exercises to awaken your creativity. I’ll combine this training with some other practices such improvisation theater, acting exercises, and music.

I’m helping you to build this routine, hoping that one day you won’t need me anymore!

YES! They’re private sessions, just you and me!

YES! Just 15 minutes a day. We want to build a habit, we don’t want to burn out!

Sometimes, I organise group sessions online with all the students from the School, and we even sometimes have guest teachers. It’s the perfect moment to meet your schoolmates. You’ll have a chance to see other people doing the same exercises that you do, and get inspired by their interpretation.

Oh, and I’m French. So It will be either in French, or in English with a French accent.

How long do you want to commit for?

The Joyful Week

15min/day – 5 days a week
One week
80AU$(Australian Dollars)

The Joyful Month

15min/day – 5 days a week
One month
300AU$(Australian Dollars)

The Joyful Term

15min/day – 5 days a week
Three months
900AU$(Australian Dollars)
+ Free access to online group sessions!

Wanna try our next group session?

The Joyful Saturdays – Online group sessions in October

There is many way to celebrate the week-end, improvising with joy is one of them! The Joyful Saturdays are casual group sessions where you’ll improvise, dance, and laugh from home. The Joyful School helps improvisers and non-improvisers to build a creative routine. The Joyful Saturdays are casual group sessions where you’ll practice improvisation solo exercisesLire la suite « The Joyful Saturdays – Online group sessions in October »

Based in Melbourne, Australia? You can join us in real life for casual group workshops soon!

The Joyful School evolves with its students.

What do others think about it?

I like asking students to describe their experience; It always surprises me and helps me to refine the ultimate purpose of The Joyful School. They inspire me and give me the energy to believe in what I do!

Let’s have a chat!

I’m a real person. You’re a real person. How about we talk for real? Contact me through the form below and we’ll find a day and time to catch up online.